I discovered photography in high school, my teachers frequently requested I photograph the school plays and sporting events, they must have seen a little something as they encouraged me towards the arts. Responding to this encouragement and my innate passion, I studied Film & Television and Photography full time. At this point film was my focus and I worked on many short films and video clips.

After completing my studies I took off to travel Europe for a year. One year turned into two and all the sites and culture that Europe had to offer inspired me to make the transition from film to photography. I returned to Perth and began assisting renowned Perth photographer Frances Andrijich. It was during this time I developed my love of Portraiture. I was exposed to numerous shoots of local Australian personalities and the techniques involved in capturing a certain moment in a Subjects life. The landscapes that Western Australia offers are a dream for a photographer because there are endless combinations you can exploit between the subject and the environment. Every shoot feels unique. For four years I worked under the guidance and tutelage of Frances before packing up and moving to London.

London was my graduation. London based Perth photographer Adrian Weinbrecht introduced me to the industry in Europe and taught me how to flourish in a fiercely competitive market. I worked on commercial assignments throughout Europe and the USA. I learnt the value of preparation and professionalism.

This experience helped me land a job with Mitch Jenkins and from him I gained experience in working under extreme pressure, in many situations, whilst maintaining a great rapport with A list celebrities from English / American Film and TV.

During my time in London, I worked on shoots in the USA, South Africa, Namibia, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and even managed to get up close to the PM at Number 10 Downing Street. The whole experience was literally life changing.

After 5 years working with some of the world’s best portrait photographers I have decided to bring this knowledge and experience home to Perth and further my career in Australia, a place I’m proud to call home. I look forward to working with you.

Claire Pelliccia

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